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About the Department of Physiology


The Department of Physiology has presently a complement of eighteen faculty members and four administrative staff. It has been actively involved in the implementation of the Organ System Integration Curriculum of the UP-College of Medicine. 2012 saw the highest of number of Physiology small group discussion (SGD) in LU3 since the OS curriculum was implemented. The SGDs were on Cell, GI, Pulmonary, Renal and Neuro Physiology. Aside from the medical students, the Department of Physiology also continues to give General Physiology courses to dental and paramedical students of UP Manila and offers the only Master of Science in Physiology program in the country. The Department is a key supporter in the efforts of UPCPH and UPCM Department of Family Medicine to establish a Dual-track Fellowship Training Program in Occupational and Environmental Medicine (OEM) which will make use of the physiology laboratory.

Mission Vision


We are a department of highly trained and motivated individuals with integrity, spirituality and social consciousness. Committed to the improvement of knowledge in the physiological services through excellence in education and research and its application towards achieving delivery of optimal health care for all.


To continuously develop faculty, personnel and students by life-long learning.

Conducting relevant community based and occupational researches.

Use and develop technology.

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